onsdag 10 oktober 2007

Al Qaeda deputy killed in Algeria: report

9 okt - The deputy chief of al Qaeda's North Africa wing, Hareg Zoheir, also known as Sofiane Abu Fasila, believed to be the group's operational leader, was killed along with two other rebels in a gun battle with Algerian troops, local newspapers said on Tuesday. / REuers - läs mer..

Germans test device that 'sees' inside bottles

10 okt - German police are testing a new machine that can distinguish explosives from shampoo, offering hope to millions of travellers frustrated by EU airliner security rules. The microwave device takes only about a second to assess what liquid or gel is contained in glass and plastic bottles and tubes. It mainly works by analysing how much water is in the mixture. / IANS - läs mer..

YouTube hijacked for Storm worm spam

08 October 2007 ZNet

Turkish Hackers Target Swedish Web Sites

(AP) -- Hackers in Turkey have attacked more than 5,000 Swedish Web sites in the past week, and at least some of the sabotage appears linked to Muslim anger over a Swedish newspaper drawing that depicted the Prophet Muhammad's head on a dog's body.

Hacker broke into routers and stole VoIP services

8 okt - In the US, a hacker has been jailed for two years after breaching security at 15 separate telcos with incredible ease. At the trial, AT&T reported that Robert Moore ran six million scans on its network alone. Other companies that were successfully targeted used aliases in an attempt to build up confidence in their services./ the Channel Show - läs mer..